Straighten out our Crooked Way.
By Joan Estelle High

One upon a time there lived a man named Job.
 He was a righteous man who was a servant of God.
 The Devil made a bet with God that Job was only good
 because God had blessed him.
 So for some time the Satan really messed with Job.
Job lost everything he had, his children were killed,
his health got bad and he was found sitting in the dust in pain.

But Job did not   blame God or his fellowman, nor did he get bitter,
 Job   accepted that what God gave He could also take away.
 Eventually Job who kept the faith in God
was restored  in health, with money  and family.
Job’s suffering
  was not caused by God ,
but from Satan who wanders the world trying to see who he can snare.
  some of Satan’s tools involve drinking and drugs.
Many a good man and woman
   have been laid low by the demon “Alcohol”.
At times we make mistakes
errors in judgment which puts on the road
  that leads to  our destruction. 
Then when  we are driven to our knees, we turn back to God
e have to  own our mistakes  before God
and ask forgiveness for our part in the mess we are making of our lives.
When we humble ourselves before God,
He will forgive us
 and send
  grace and love to help up through the dark road we choose.
As we seek God’s forgiveness ,

we must also forgive those who we think have wronged us.
We give their sins to God and let God be the judge of others
That is God’s job not ours.
Our souls will get lighter
 when we unload all these  burdens we are carrying.

The Crystallady.

Giving Thanks
By Joan Estelle High

Fruits of the Spirit
Joan Estelle  High

When we go to Galatians chapter 5 we find Paul telling us that we have hope
of righteousness by our faith. and that faith is worked  by love.
He tells us that we are called by liberty but that we should not use
that liberty for self indulgence but to serve one another.
Paul  describes the war between our flesh and our spirit.
In his list of works of the flesh he names, adultery and fornication,
idolatry, hated, wrath, strife, murders and drunkenness.

"I tell you before as I have told you in time past, that they which do
such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God" But the
fruit of the Spirit  is love, joy, peace,  longsuffering, gentleness,
goodness , faith, meekness, temperance against such there is no law

Where Have All The Good People Gone.
by Joan Estelle High

When we read the headlines and listen to the news at night.
We wonder on the sad conditions in our world  it seems more wrong than right.
Sometimes in our personal battles, when our way seems hard and dark.
We  forget that others have passed along this endless trail, searching for the light.

You ask  where have all the good people gone, did they all vanish into space?
They are still  trudging quietly ahead of you on the road we call life.
They  fill many roles,  somebody's child, parents or just an ordinary wife.
With quiet determination  they try daily  to make this world  a better place.

They work in hospitals and  in schools,  some run food banks
and  each and every day they give their lives to help their fellow man.
Sometimes with little appreciation for all the good they do.
They know there is a job  to do, , so they offer up their hands

From the cop on the beat, to the preacher man on Sunday.
Each of us has a role with a script that comes to us from God.
Sometimes our role is just to get up and go to work on Monday.
God's standards are very high and He never promised a clear road.
Only that He would be there to help  carry our heavy load.

We never have to be the victim, Victory is our ultimate game.
Once we learn to conquer self, the way will be much clearer.
Then any earthly prizes won, be it fortune or be it earthly fame.
Will be much more appreciated and success be even dearer.

Spiritual Wickedness in High Places
By Joan Estelle High

By Joan Estelle High

New Year Resolutions 2010
By Joan Estelle High

Lord supply all our needs according to your riches in glory. Amen

God Bless This Mess.


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