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 Our Spring has been cold and sometimes wet.
We might be 80 one day and freezing the next day.

I have moved a little tomato plant in and out so much that it could qualify for  travel miles

That is why they say in Texas , if you don't like the weather don't worry it will change soon.

Like many people today we have been trying to up grade our diet.
  Cutting back on meat and animal products and adding  fresh and frozen vegetables

 The daily news has been bad concerning meat.

  Cattle are  being held in feed lots and giving shots
to make them gain a lot of weight in a short time with little food.
Isn't that good news for the people who are trying to lose weight?
Not to mention the disease you can get, the antibiotics
and   clogged arteries said to come from red meat.

Then you never know what kind of meat you are eating most of the time either.
From gluing meat scraps together to adding horse meat to the mix ,
 buying meat at your local super market is full of surprises.

 Pork has chemicals added that are harmful to the people eating it .
It is causing liver or kidney problems.
I seldom eat Pork so I forget  off hand what it is that is that pork is messing up.
Can't wait to hear what adding all that bacon to everything they sell
does to the health  equation in the future.

 Chicken has too much arsenic in the feed.
So chicken is high in arsenic.
We have been eating mostly chicken this year and  was sorry to read that one.
I don't know how much you would have to eat to be dangerous. 
But adding chicken to the arsenic in rice might cause trouble.

We like fish but every thing is expensive, except fish sticks.
 We eat a serving or two  each week.
What with the pollution in the gulf causing mutated sea creatures.
I really don't want anything local. 
I will go hungry before I eat any fish from China. 
I saw that program telling how they fish in polluted rivers.
 Many other countries won't import our meat for various problems with it.
We are not big meat eaters mainly because meat is high in calories and price.

Any way I will share some of the new vegetable food we are using
to substitute for animal products.


I finally found a way to eat Kale.
I don't like it raw or steamed. Not the taste but the texture.
So I wash and pick through 1/2 bag of fresh Kale.
I put it in a large frying pan with a cup of water.
I cook it about 10 min.
Pour of the water
Put a can of stewed  tomatoes on the kale.
Sprinkle Italian seasons, garlic powder, some salt and pepper
Cover and cook about 10 min.

Fresh Kale keeps well in the frig  if in a closed  bag.

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